Friday, October 03, 2008

The Fragrant Harbour

Greetings, I am back in Hong Kong, my home away from home, on a break between tournaments in China. I have been taking care of some overdue business but have been having a bit of fun with my 5D. Here's some images from the past week. I'll be adding more a bit later. Hope you enjoy!People rush down a lighted staircase in Causeway Bay.
You can still get a haircut for HK$20, about US$ blow drying required!
Contrast between an old building sandwiched between two modern buildings in Sheung Wan.My sic fahn, or lunch. Some places are very cheap and good value for Hong Kong. This cost me HK$35 which is about US$ 4.50. The meal included chicken and veggies in a bowl of rice, miso soup, kimchi and a diet coke. Yum!
Horse racing is huge in Hong Kong. On Wednesday nights people come out to Happy Valley on Hong Kong island to try their luck and have some fun. I went with my buddy from World Sport Group, Ray Roesell and his friend Tim Mariano. I won about 10USD. Wohoo! In this photo a man looks intensely at his race program getting ready for a new race as others around him consume adult beverages and mingle.
Men check the race board at Happy Valley Race course. After the race my buddies, Ray Roesell (L) and Tim Mariano sit down for some Thai food. Tim was waiting all night for his phone to ring with news on a mega stock deal he was working on. The call never came....Wednesday night horse racing men check out the boards at one of the many Hong Kong Jockey Club betting halls located throughout Hong Kong.
iPhone spotted in Hong Kong!....
...and another iPhone in Hong Kong!
Okay, it's obvious I ride on the MTR (Mass Transit Railway) a lot.....Two girls seem to be fixated on whatever it might be on her phone.
People catch up on reading and gaming on the MTR.A woman tries to catch some sleep on a busy commute on the MTR
A young boy deep in thought as he rides the MTR.
Riding on the MTR. Hong Kong with about 8 million people sometimes seems like a very lonely place.
Aspiring guitar player Chun Ho and his axes! He's really learning fast and becoming a good player.
Mid-Autumn festival.
Some Hong Kong girl scouts that I could not resist taking their photo.
A woman picks out flowers at the flower market in Prince Edward. The flower market is famous for it's many varieties of flowers at very reasonable prices.
A man carries flowers at the flower market in Prince Edward.
Hong Kong is a very vertical city. Here are some housing blocks in Wong Tai Sin.
A man on his way home in Wong Tai Sin.
A man walks to the immigration turnstiles at the border between Hong Kong and China.
Travelers on their way to China from Hong Kong at Lo Wu, the border town.