Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A Walk In San Francisco

Greetings from San Francisco. It's been far to long since I have posted anything here so I thought I would pick it back up again. Back in the city I love and probably one of the best cities in the world to live. I recently had dinner with my mom and sister when they were in town. I brought my 5D along and thought I would shoot a bit on the walk to Union Square. Have a look and come back for more posts which will be happening more frequently. I promise!
I found this guy sitting in the warm sunlight on the corner of Broadway and Columbus Ave.
Not so sure what to say about this one, I just like the light and the similarities in the two subjects.I woman and her son make their way through the Stockton Street tunnel. The Transamerica in the afternoon sunlight.
Shoppers make their way along Post Street.
A woman plays an accordion in front of Café Trieste, which in my opinion has the best coffee in the city.


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