Sunday, March 18, 2007

Back in Hong Kong!

So I am back in Hong Kong, my home away from home and probably the most exciting city in the whole wide least that is my opinion. The electricity is back now after a few downward years and it reminds me a lot of how things used to be when I first arrived back in late 1992. There is plenty of buzz and money and interest in the former British colony. Seems the Chinese have done something right with this golden egg. I covered a lot of business news press conferences as well as the HK elections for Bloomberg News. Also shooting stories on the Hong Kong pink dolphins, conterfeiting and other features for magazines in the UK with the odd good paying commercial job thrown in. Below are a few images. More to come I am sure. Thanks for stopping by.
(L-R) Bill Chan, HK Economic Times. Many thanks go to him for so much help on the HK election assignment. Me for Bloomberg News. The next two photographers I am sad to say while their faces are familiar I don't know their names or whom they work for. 2nd from the right is Vincent Yu, AP (really great guy and awesome photog) and then one more familiar face but unknown name and pub. Anyone with names of these guys would be greatly appreciated.
Me on a ladder in front of the background to the stage.
Me with Bloomberg photo editors Nelson Ching and Ellen Chiu after the HK elections. These guys are great to work with and great new friends. People move into the main area to pray during Chinese New Year at Wong Tai Sin Temple.
It's the job for the man on the right to take out the incense as fast as people can put them in.
A man on the left moves in to put in his incense after praying at the Wong Tai Sin Temple.
A woman holds a handful of incense as she moves with the crowd towards the front of the temple at Wong Tai Sin temple.
People pray in front at the Wong Tai Sin Temple.
A hair salon in Central Hong Kong.
A man waits for customers at his antique shop in Central Hong Kong.A cat in the antique shop with two different coloured eyes, very cool.I guess he/she wasn't in the mood for a photo.
My buddy Matt Miller in his living room area in his flat (where I stayed this trip) in Discovery Bay on Lantau Island. The rare Chinese White Dolphins aka The Pink Dolphins of Hong Kong swim off the shore of Lantau Island.
A young girl learns early in life to hang on while riding on the MTR (mass transit railway).


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your site looking for pics of Julia Mancuso. I once dated an Olympic skier, I heard recently he's been sleeping with her. I was curious, what does she look like?(nice, btw). Then I saw your pics of the SF "parrots" and almost fell out of my chair because I had the most vivid and bizarre dream last night in which these exact birds (though I've never seen them, though I have been to SF) were swarming me, being confused with giant insects of some sort. When I could make the distinction, the birds ate the bugs. Deeply symbolic, I'm sure! I scrolled through the rest of your site, read your posts and started wondering what your life must be exciting to be a world photographer! Then I wondered if you get homesick, always traveling like that. I love to travel, but still get homesick. Sometimes. I wonder if that's you, seventh pic from the top. Cute.Is that also your cat, further down? Is he/she missing you? I hate cats, though I like men who have them. This perplexes me. Almost as much as that crazy dream I had of your parrots. Maybe you should consider writing to me...

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