Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Thousands Take To The SF Streets in Support of Lebanon

Several thousand calm but noisy demonstrators rallied Saturday in downtown San Francisco to protest Israel's military actions against Lebanon and Palestinian territories, while a smaller group staged a counter-protest. The counter-protest, which attracted a few hundred people, was organized by the San Francisco Voice for Israel. Police arrested a demonstrator in a melee that started when a woman tried to burn an Israeli flag in the Civic Center after a midday march through downtown. Now with the cease fire in place I am hoping that the powers that be can see that some things need to change. One thing for sure the killing must stop. I don't want to have to cover these protests anymore. I was on assignment for the San Francisco Chronicle. Here's a few from my take.Faeza Khan takes part in a protest supporting Lebanon in front of City Hall.
Pro-Lebanon protesters gather at the Civic Center.
Pro-Lebanon protesters show the peace sign as they gather at the Civic Center after the march.
A man is arrested by San Francisco police. He was the only one arrested that day.
Pro-Lebanon protesters march down Market Street.
People stand on the steps of City Hall as they take part during a counter protest
Pro-Lebanon protesters march down McAllister Street.
Pro-Lebanon protesters march down McAllister Street.


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