Saturday, April 01, 2006

Bangkok Fashion Week 2006! Day 1, GREYHOUND

Greetings! After two days of protests, listening to people yell and walking several miles both days I was ready for a different type of marching. I was assigned to cover some of the events during Bangkok Fashion Week 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand. This high profile fashion event was between March 15th and 19th and was one of eleven projects composing a grand project called Bangkok Fashion City. Ultimately, this event hopes to make Thailand the fashion center of Southeast Asia. And after photographing some of these very talented designers and their creations I can see why. The first event I photographed was Autumn/Winter 06/07 designs by Greyhound which was under the theme "All We Need is Love". It was a journey to the countries of the northern part of Asia and a glimpse into the childhood of those people living in that area. Their clothes are not quite a fashion statment but useful to protect their bodies from the biting cold. Also some of these clothes are oftern passed on from generation to generation. Greyhound is led by designer Bhanu Ingkawat. Have a look!


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