Saturday, January 28, 2006

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Lunar New Year Eve

A woman picks out some flowers to decorate her home with on the eve of Chinese New Year in Chinatown, San Francisco, California. Celebrated internationally in areas with large populations of ethnic Chinese, Chinese New Year is a major holiday for the Chinese. This year, 2006, is the Year of the Fire Dog. Based on tradition, the Year of the Dog is a year for reflection and to assess ones values. In the face of disturbances, the dog is known to be always on the lookout, protecting the surroundings. Following the characteristic of the dog, the year is expected to see benevolent and idealistic deeds and various unusual changes coming into being. The Fire Dog speaks of a character that is dramatic, ferocious, alluring, motivated by strength of mind, and self- confident. Chinese New Year celebrations involve being with one’s family, from the reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve to the celebration on New Year’s Day when red envelopes known as Lai See or Hung Bau are given to children and unmarried members of the family.


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